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  • Farrow & Ball India Yellow No. 64

    Farrow & Ball INDIA YELLOW A STRONG AND MOODY YELLOW This deep mustard yellow is famously named after the pigment collected from the urine of cows fed on a special...
    From $8.00
  • Farrow & Ball Sudbury Yellow No. 31

    Farrow & Ball SUDBURY YELLOW A TRADITIONAL MID YELLOW This soft mid yellow takes its name from the staircase at Sudbury Hall, where renowned colourist John Fowler used this shade...
    From $8.00
  • Farrow & Ball Churlish Green No.251

    Farrow & Ball CHURLISH GREEN A YELLOW BASED GREEN Churlish Green takes its name from the old English definition relating to simple peasant life. With its highly pigmented yellow base,...
    From $8.00
  • Wayne County Buff DHC004

    DETROIT HISTORICAL COLORS: DHC-004 Wayne County Buff-  Natural & untouched. This Buff can bring a room to life. It brings a richness to colors that could not stand alone.  Accent this color with...
    From $9.99
  • Motown Vibe

    DETROIT HISTORICAL COLORS: Color DHC-005 comes in all our "Made in Michigan" Motor City Paints Our paints are designed specifically for Michigan’s rugged climate and the needs of our Michigan...
    From $9.99
  • Farrow & Ball String No. 8

    Farrow & Ball STRING AN EARTHY YELLOW BASED NEUTRAL This Yellow Based Neutral is reminiscent of the untreated twine used by gardeners and parcel senders worldwide. String’s underlying green adds...
    From $8.00
  • Farrow & Ball Hay No. 37

    Farrow & Ball HAY A DUSTY YELLOW A modest yellow named after the dried crop, Hay is both warm and dusty. Less intense and sunny than the cleaner Yellow Ground,...
    From $8.00
  • Farrow & Ball Dorset Cream No. 68

    Farrow & Ball DORSET CREAM A RICH DOUBLE CREAM Dorset Cream’s name conjures up exactly the right colour in our minds; a rich double cream made in the heart of...
    From $8.00
  • Farrow & Ball Yellow Ground No. 218

    Farrow & Ball YELLOW GROUND A TIMELESS MID YELLOW One of our most useable yellows, this sunny shade was first used as a background colour within our ever evolving wallpaper...
    From $8.00
  • Farrow & Ball Citron No. 74

    Farrow & Ball CITRON A WARM LEMON YELLOW Citron, as the name suggests, is a warm Mediterranean yellow which has a bright intensity in small spaces and is fantastically welcoming...
    From $8.00
  • Farrow & Ball Matchstick No. 2013

    Farrow & Ball MATCHSTICK THE SHADE OF UNBLEACHED WOOD This versatile and understated tone is named after the unbleached wood used in the stalk of a match. With the tiny...
    From $8.00
  • Farrow & Ball Pale Hound No. 71

    Farrow & Ball PALE HOUND DELICATELY AGED YELLOW This pale and aged yellow is a lighter version of an archived Farrow & Ball colour, Hound Lemon. Named by the great...
    From $8.00
  • Farrow & Ball Farrow's Cream No. 67

    Farrow & Ball FARROW’S CREAM A TRADITIONAL CREAM Our original cream is named after the paint pioneer who first founded the company with Richard Ball in Dorset, England. Farrow’s Cream...
    From $8.00
  • Farrow & Ball New White No. 59

    Farrow & Ball NEW WHITE A FRESH CREAM This creamy tone is only deemed as ‘new’ because it feels much fresher than more traditional whites such as Lime White.  It...
    From $8.00
  • Golden Tower

    DETROIT HISTORICAL COLORS: DHC-002 Golden Tower- A tempered gold that is as refreshing as the dawn of a new day.  This rich gold is accented best with crimson, sages, chocolates...
    From $9.99
  • Farrow & Ball Dayroom Yellow No. 223

    Farrow & Ball DAYROOM YELLOW A REFRESHING PALE YELLOW A typical Regency colour, this charmingly simple pale yellow takes its name from the rooms which were filled with light and...
    From $8.00
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