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Motor City Paint: 123 years in paint

Since 1895 our family has been in the paint business in one way or another. My Grandfather's great uncles started out as painting contractors in and around the Detroit area. They branched out into paint store ownership with Rohr Paint in the 1930's and Jack C. Hermes & Associates in the 1950's.

In 1977, Tim Eisbrenner went to work for his father in law Jack C. Hermes. Tim, was ambitious and eager to grow a business. His ambition and big picture thinking was too much for his father-in-law at the time, so he left and went to work at a steel mill.

In 1979, he got a random call from a paint company sales rep asking him if he would like to own his own business. There was a store in Shelby Township that wasn't doing well. They were looking for a young ambitious business person to turn things around. In October of 1979, Tim Eisbrenner leveraged the only asset he had, a Honda motor cycle, and went into business for himself.

Over the years, he grew Shelby Paint & Wallpaper into 4 locations. After 35 years of selling national companies' paints and being frustrated with performance of these products in the Michigan climate, Tim Eisbrenner and his son, Brian, began searching the country looking for a better way to make paint. After years of rigorous independent testing the Eisbrenner's took their formula's to a local paint grinder in Lansing, Michigan and began manufacturing their own brand Motor City Paint Company.



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